Dr. Prof. habil Thomas Klie

PhD, lawyer, professor for gerontology at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and the University of Klagenfurt (Austria). 

His main topics in the research work in the Social Research Institute Freiburg (AGP) are demographic and social changes in the modern society, elder abuse and social planning for the elderly on the municipality level. 

He was a member of the National Commission for issuing the 7th Report about the State of Elderly People in Germany and the chairman of the Second Engagement Report Commission of the Federal Government on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.



1981  1. Jurist. Staatsexamen   University of Hamburg, FB Rechtswissenschaft I. 

1988 University of Hamburg, FB Rechtswissenschaft 2: Law and Administrational Science 

Dissertation: Heimaufsicht – Praxis, Probleme, Perspektiven. Eine rechtstatsächliche Untersuchung. 

2010 Habilitation Dissertation about the topic of images of age (University Klagenfurt/Vienna/A)

Professional and related experience

1988 Professor for public law and administrational science at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Freiburg 

since 1991 Ombudsman for Freedom of Information of the Protestant Church in Baden 

1991-1996 Dean of the department of Social Work at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Freiburg 

1993-1994 Prorector of the Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Freiburg

since 1996 Head of Institute for Developments in Civil Society/ Zentrum für zivilgesellschaftliche Entwicklung (zze) 


since 1999 part time advocat


since 2010 visiting professor at University of Namibia (UNAM) 

since 2010 “Privatdozent” for Gerontology at the University of Klagenfurt/ Vienna